Jikiden Reiki Way

Welcome to the home of Jonathan Stuart (the down to earth Reiki guy) and his practice of Jikiden Reiki.

Always learning

Jonathan at the UK Jikiden Reiki annual gathering with Tadao Yamaguchi in 2018.

What is Reiki

The literal transation for Reiki is “spiritual energy”.  And today we know it as the practice of Usui’s Reiki treatment for healing mind and body. Why? Because Reiki is a healing system which assists us on both a physical and emotional level

Reiki History

Reiki was founded in the 1920s by a gentleman named Mikao Usui. Having had a philosophical outlook on life, for many years, this led to a journey of exploration which resulted in having a life changing experience, resulting in the development of a system for natural healing


Anyone can receive a Reiki treatment, for illness, physical injury and emotional challenges. During a treatment, the practitioner assists in the body reaching a natural healing state. This is done in a calm and relaxed environment


“You are a fantastic teacher, I truly mean that. You explain everything so clearly and I now understand and hugely respect the history and journey that Reiki has taken to reach us all – inspirational.”



Avril from Amersham

“Jonathan is an amazing teacher, very knowledgeable, thorough and great practical insights. I had always been skeptical about alternative therapy, but after a treatment for migraines, I decided to learn… I can now self-heal without pain-killers. Life changing!”

Ms. Gill from London

“Many thanks for the Shoden course, I enjoyed it very much. Jonathan was a great teacher, and the whole group was very relaxed. Reiju was really special too”




Mr Giam from London

Distance reiki helped me during this pandemic. I first approached Jonathan when one of my colleagues was admitted to intensive care with Covid. Enkaku helped my colleague and in the last few months with a lot of friends collleagues and family suffering I turned to Enkaku and that helped me and relieved my stress and  feeling of helplessness.”

Dr R from Romford

Ready to Make a Change?

My life changed after receiving a Reiki treatment and going on to learn for myself. Now as a teacher with 20 years experience, I look forward to being able to offer you the same opportunity!