Here you will be taught how to treat from a distance, along with treating mental and emotional conditions for yourself and others.

  • receive 2 reiju (attunements)
  • learn about distant healing and the method (jumon) used to ‘send’ Reiki to people anywhere in the world
  • learn about a powerful method used to heal psychological problems on yourself and others. This method can be used to help with excessive worrying, nervousness, habits such as smoking or drinking too much or more difficult psychological issues such as depression or trauma
  • It is possible to treat yourself and others physically after doing the Shoden level and go on to do Okuden later if you choose to. However, some people prefer to do both Shoden and Okuden together. This is often done as a 3 day course.

Okuden  – parts 1 and 2 are taught  over 1 day

Individual teachers can increase the length of the course, but they cannot decrease them

Note: The Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan has established fixed fees for each country. Fees may vary between countries based on local economy. The intention is that people pay the equivalent of the price in Japan, whilst people in developing countries pay a lower price in accordance with their economy.

Each Jikiden Reiki teacher has fulfilled the requirements and gained the experience necessary to teach. All teachers Use the same curriculum
The fees reflect the quality and quantity of information in the courses,

Reiki I – Shoden (3 parts over 2 days) …………………. £220

Reiki II – Okuden (2 parts over 1 days) ……………….. £250

These are taught together over a three-day seminar.

Cancellation policy:

With up to two weeks notice, before the course – full refund

Up to one weeks before the course – 50% refund

And two days or less, before the course – no refund