The Reiki Gokai or Five Principles


Kyo Dake Wa                      Just for today 

Ikaruna                                Do not be angry 

Shin Pai Suna                     Do not worry 

Kan Sha Shite                     Be grateful 

Gyo o Hagame                    Do your duties   

Hito ni Shinsetsu ni           Be kind to others


Why did Usui Sensei come up with the Five Principles?

Having discovered Reiki healing, and practicing on friends and family, he found they would often come back with the same or different ailment(s) once they were better. He linked this to the mind, and worked out the five biggest issues we face and reminds us to repeat the principles morning and night to keep a positive mindset.

Quite succinct and they look easy to practice, but are they? IF every human in the world focused on more positive aspects of life, by being more relaxed in mind and therefore body, this would be a different planet!

Why just for today?

Can you influence the past? Change what has happened? or going to happen tomorrow, in the future? No, but today you can practice something, as long as you bare it in mind, and this is why Mikao Usui added this formula. To change mind and body after realising healing is one thing, but staying well comes from within, and that is our real challenge in modern society.