Reiki Treatments

What to expect from a Reiki treatment?

Note: Reiki treatments are not meant to substitute conventional medicine. Always consult a doctor for medical advice. If you feel Reiki would be of benefit, then get in touch.

During a treatment, the Reiki recipient relaxes, remaining fully clothed, while a Reiki practitioner places their hands on / hands off depending on the ailment. This simple action starts the Reiki energy flowing.

Starting from the head the practitioner will then go to a specific point where the receiver has an ailment or will search for areas that need treatment. These are often the main organs / systems of the body.

Q&A on treatments…

Q. How do I choose a Practitioner?
A. Ask for recommendations from friends who have had a positive result from Reiki.

My advice – Look for a Jikiden Reiki therapist on the UK Website and be sure to look at testimonials.

Q. How long will it last?

A. treatment normally lasts around 1 hour but allow more time for form filling and a drink of water afterward​.

Q. What is really going on?
A. We are all energy and our body has natural systems like the circulatory system, digestive or nervous systems. If there are any issues with these then Reiki will reinforce the body’s innate healing ability and assist in clearing built up toxins or blockages.

Q. What will it feel like?

A. Receiving a treatment is a deeply relaxing experience, this is the state most suited for the body to heal. Simply by being given some personal time and attention gives space for your natural energy to heal any issues, with the help of a natural boost from Reiki.

In some cases, emotions arise, maybe they are related to underlying causes of​ physical or mental / emotional challenges.

Q. What is I fall asleep?

A. That’s ok, you still receive the same benefit.

Q. I heard practitioners get tired?
A. The energy should flow freely through the practitioner, being drawn by the recipient, so they should not get tired. If you are a practitioner and getting tired, please come and learn Jikiden Reiki.

Q. I have a lot of sensitivity does it have to be hands-on?
A. The treatment can be “hands-off” but our teacher and his teacher (his mother) Chiyok Yamaguchi emphasise hands on as a more effective treatment method.

Q. How much does a treatment cost?
A. The session is usually an hour, but allow a little longer time for your first booking. If it is in London it will be £50 and Woking £40.